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Classic Photos

Our classic show is designed to amaze kids and adults alike – no matter the cause of the celebration: the show includes flames, dancing and fireworks – and is deliberately designed to get the audience acquainted with the wonders of our fiery art!

Bikerfest Photos

Orchestrated for biker fests, this program is designed to inspire all those who get to choose their road themselves, all those who have hot metal running through their veins. Ideally suitable for rock-admirers, risk-lovers and thunderhearts!

Latvian Folklore Photos

Folk tunes, ethnic costumes and graceful fire dances fascinate the audience and create a unique mystical atmosphere, evoking nostalgia for the times we were close to nature. This program has always been especially welcome at town festivals and thematic events.

LEDlight show Photos

This awesome and colorful performance will fit perfectly in any kind of occassions. Weddings, or workplace parties, even rave parties or in a serious concert programs. You choose!

Indoors Photos

This show needs to be individually created to match the options provided by the stage. The performance spot has to match a set of safety standards, that are decided upon prior to the show: this includes ventilability, absence of flammable materials, unoccupied stage space, etc.

“Alice in Wonderland” COMING SOONPhotos

Steampunk-style theatrical performance based on the works of L. Carroll.
A fantastic plot, a battery of pyrotechnics, scenical fights and graceful dances – and tons of flame, of course! You can even go a bit crazy upon witnessing such an extravaganza of fairytale characters and amazing events on the stage! Unless, of course, you forget that you are no longer in your own world: welcome to Wonderland!

About Us

About Us

Athar Performance Group is a creative association, directing and delivering bright and colorful fire performances set in a musical and theatrical manner.

We exist outside of any religious or social beliefs, and embrace participants of all ages and ethnicity: what keeps us united is our passion for the flame, music and our artistically mysterious way of life.

The music for our performances is therefore specifically chosen to match: You will not hear any profanities or agitation: we also refrain from performing with “local accompaniment”: all our dances are staged in advance, so the music is always there with us.

Fire dancing is one of the things flow arts consist of. “The flow” itself is a special kind of theatrical art that combines dancing, juggling and acrobatics. More generally, however, it’s a state of mind when you can’t get enough of what you’re doing, and do not wish for the process to end.

Where there is flow – there is fun! Where there is flow – there are children and adults fascinated alike. Where there is flow – there we are, performing!

Our performers

Our performers

  • sustain the mastery of their art by practicing it for several years, minimum. (2 to 7, at least);
  • wield a wide arsenal of props (staffs, poi, fans, comets, torches, etc.);
  • are dressed appropriately while performing (corsets, shirts), and always have the stage properly marked;
  • possess unique and magnetic personalities, bringing a bit of fun to even the most routine-filled events;
  • pick up any litter or burned firework packages, keeping your place clean.

Flow arts school

At our Athar Fire School we teach to handle classic flow-arts props, and also some of the less common ones.

Anyone can join us, whether an absolute novice eager to try something new, or a seasoned spinner looking for a place and company to enhance his performing skills.

Most of our artists were completely new at this upon joining our team – so if you are willing to learn and are keen on maintaining a responsible attitude to your studies, you too may join the performing party after a couple of month – and start spreading joy, awe and love for the fire whenever you go!

Flow arts school
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